The whole production process is certified in accordance with GLOBALG.A.P.; environments, storage, sorting and processing follow the IFS-BRC procedures.

The main objective of certification implemented by FUNGAMICO is the systematic control of raw materials, semi-finished products, production environments and resources that interact in the processes.

The adoption of certification allows you to:

  • ensure the expectations and protect the health of the consumer
  • obtain international recognition in the field of food safety
  • protect the image of companies placing products on the market

These objectives are achieved by:

  • traceability of products
  • registration of business operations
  • selection and use of raw materials
  • integrated pest management of crops
  • the collection and storage of production
  • the protection of the natural environment
  • training and safety for the workers
  • management of reports and complaints
  • use of energy from renewable sources

FUNGAMICO guarantees the quality of their products according to a particular set of integrated pest management which provides, for the entire production cycle, the monitoring of production procedures.

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