The cultivation of mushrooms is a process carried out in areas where they are reproduced natural conditions of temperature and humidity.

It is based on the use of natural raw materials, selected and constantly checked that, with the help of modern technology, are transformed into suitable substrate for the production of different varieties of mushrooms.

The collection method, which takes place at the right stage of ripeness, it is essential to deliver to customers a product that is always fresh and keep intact its natural flavor.

The operations of packaging, shipping and preparation of processed mushrooms (sliced and whole) are carried out by FUNGAMICO, and a new documented control is performed on the product for sale.

The packaging is made using modern equipment, in suitable environment, to preserve the freshness of the product.

The labeling of the product enables traceability for each package.

The total production of 7,600 tons consists of:

  • 5.850 t. of Champignon
  • 1.150 t. of Pluerotus
  • 350 t. of Pioppino
  • 250 t. of Cornucopia

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